Marquel Wade gets an illegal hit on Jonathan Krause

Published by : IIBuRsTz
On a punt return in the third quarter after a long 3rd down and 19, Arkansas's #1 Marquel Wade goes helmet to helmet for a huge illegal hit on a defenseless Jonathan Krause (Vanderbilt). Wade does some unnecessary celebrating as the crowd chants, "Kick him out!" Wade was ejected from the game, as called by the refs.

For arguements' sake, this was taken DIRECTLY from the NCAA 2011-2012 rule book:

Defenseless Player: Contact to Head or Neck Area—ARTICLE 4
Approved Ruling 9-1-4
I. Receiver A83 has just leaped and received a forward pass. As A83 is
about to regain his balance, B45 launches and drives into A83 above the
shoulder area with his helmet or shoulder. RULING: Foul by B45 for
targeting and initiating contact with a defenseless opponent above the
shoulders. Ejection for a flagrant foul

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