TB12 Golf Webinar with Golf Pro Chris Hawley from KOHR Golf

TB12 Golf Webinar with Golf Pro Chris Hawley from KOHR Golf

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We sat down with Chris Hawley from KOHR Golf Center in Natick, MA to discuss how TB12’s functional exercises complement the rotational, fast-twitch, and balanced movements of golf that you work on with your swing coach. Chris is a 2011 graduate of Johnson & Wales University, North Miami Campus, where he later returned as the school’s Assistant Coach for both the Men’s and Women’s golf teams. After serving as an Assistant Coach at JWU for three years, Chris was named Head Women’s Golf Coach.

Our TB12 Body Coaches worked with Chris to highlight the differences between our TB12 Swing Analysis, which focuses on identifying limitations in hip and spine mobility, balance, rotational power and conditioning, and those conducted by PGA teaching professionals.

Golf is a sport that requires long, lean muscles to deliver the club-face swiftly and accurately to the golf ball. By emphasizing pliability and functional training along with good mechanics, golfers can learn to swing the club at greater speeds and with more accuracy – all while keeping their bodies healthier and more mobile.

Over the course of the webinar, you will learn how our Body Coaches work closely with PGA teaching professionals to identify swing faults, create customized programming, and help you improve your game!

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