Gabbie Hanna Just Won't Stop..

Gabbie Hanna Just Won't Stop..

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Gabbie Hanna was recently once again called out by Jessi Smiles for a large amount of disgusting things. Today we are going to discuss Gabbie's response to Jessi, her response to Rachel Oates and her response to being called out by basically everyone. - RACHEL OATES

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Gabbie Hanna is a former vine star known for her drama with multiple youtubers out there, including in particular Jessi Smiles. But I would not say that is drama, I would say this is a real case of Gabbie Hanna proving herself to be a bully. Which is again proven in the situation between Gabbie Hanna and Rachel Oates where Gabbie asked Rachel Oates to review Gabbie Hanna's poetry books, Rachel did and then Gabbie went after Rachel bizarrely..