Germany: Merkel welcomes Greek PM Mitsotakis to Berlin

Germany: Merkel welcomes Greek PM Mitsotakis to Berlin

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed recently elected Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis with military honours in Berlin, on Thursday, before the duo gave a joint press conference.

Merkel commented that Mitsotakis's "current economic reform agenda will make it easier for Greece" to meet the targets and commitments that the country agreed with its creditors in order to receive bailouts.

Mitsotakis announced that his country is "preparing together with Germany a big investment project," adding that he and the Chancellor wanted to present an "ambitious investment plan around the green economy, renewable energy resources, waste management" by the start of next year.

The Greek Prime Minister also addressed the ongoing issue of refugees arriving in his country from Turkey, stating that "It is very unfair the first countries of acceptance to be burdened with all of the burden of handling the refugee problem."

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