Jaguars vs. Broncos - 1996 AFC Divisional Playoffs: Jaguars Upset John Elway | NFL Full Game

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In honor of Free Game Friday the NFL presents the Jaguars epic upset of the Broncos!

7:36 Elway 19-yard Run

14:44 Terrell Davis 47-yard Run

18:37 Hebron 1-yard TD Run

28:12 Elway to Sharpe 18-yard TD

33:56 Means 18-yard Run

37:25 Hollis 46-yard Field Goal

46:35 Brunell to Means for 29 Yards on Third Down

48:46 Brunell to Jackson for 19 Yards on Third Down

50:05 Natrone Means 8-yard TD Run

57:09 Means 21-yard Run

57:45 Brunell to Jimmy Smith for 44 Yards

59:53 Hollis 42-yard Field Goal

1:11:55 Brunell to McCardell for 31-yard TD

1:21:16 Means 17-yard Run on Third Down

1:32:06 Brunell to Stewart for 25 Yards on Third Down

1:35:00 Hollis 22-yard Field Goal

1:40:21 Elway to McCaffrey for 12 Yards on Third Down

1:40:58 Terrell Davis 2-yard TD Run

1:47:35 Brunell 29-yard Run

1:50:39 Brunell to Jimmy Smith for 16-yard TD on Third Down

1:58:36 Elway to McCaffrey for 15-yard TD

2:00:47 Jaguars Recover Broncos Onside Kick Attempt

In 1996 the Jacksonville Jaguars were in just their second season as an NFL franchise. However, even though they were a young franchise the Jaguars managed to not only make the playoffs, but also win a Wild Card game. Few, if any, expected this young team get past their next opponent, the Denver Broncos. The Broncos were tied for NFL high in regular season wins with 13 and led by future Hall of Fame quarterback, John Elway. Jacksonville did not let any of that faze them, as they pulled off one of the greatest upsets in NFL history.

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