Purple Carrot Review: How Good Is This Vegan Meal Delivery Service? 🥕

Purple Carrot Review: How Good Is This Vegan Meal Delivery Service? 🥕

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Purple Carrot is a vegan (plant-based) meal delivery service. They currently have two different meal plans available. The first one is their regular Purple Carrot plan (the one reviewed in this video). The second is their "TB12 Performance Meals", a meal plan in partnership with Tom Brady. These meals are a bit more high protein to support those with highly active lifestyles, athletes, etc.

There are not too many vegan meal kits around. And there are even fewer that allow you to prepare your own meals (many are pre-made).

The ingredients that Purple Carrot sent were very fresh. Nothing was spoiled. Everything was pretty ripe and ready to be cooked right when we opened the box. The only small issue we had was that the spinach bag broke and some leaves fell out into the box. Not a big deal, but not great either.

Cooking the meal was pretty involved. It required around 3-4 different bowls and pans for two servings. And it took 30+ minutes to fully cook and serve.

The meal itself was delicious though! I was surprised at how well it came together. A lot of vegan meals I've had in the past have been a bit bland—the flavor would never really be there. With Purple Carrot that was not the case. The dumplings and sauce tasted really, really good.

Overall, Purple Carrot is great for anyone looking to get into a plant-based lifestyle or for those who want to learn some fun and delicious new vegan recipes.

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