Second Stimulus Check and Stimulus Package Update (7 DAY DIRECT DEPOSIT)

Second Stimulus Check and Stimulus Package Update (7 DAY DIRECT DEPOSIT)

Second Stimulus Check and Stimulus Package Update (7 DAY DIRECT DEPOSIT)

Update 8/4/2020 regarding the next stimulus package and a report of quick 7-day delivery of stimulus checks when they are approved.

Over the weekend and going into today Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer have been meeting with white house officials Mark Meadow and Steve Mnuchin. It was reported that they placed the HEROES Act and the HEALS Act side-by-side and have been going through every provision proposed in these two bills in an attempt to quickly draft up a new relief bill that would be a compromise between the two.

Mark Meadows and Steve Mnuchin have been acting as mediators between Democrats and Republicans as it was last reported that Republican Mitch McConnel and Democrat Nancy Pelosi aren’t on speaking terms and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel has been absent from these meetings which only include those four members.

We received exciting news yesterday from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about the delivery time of the next stimulus checks. A second round of $1,200 stimulus check is one of the items we have bipartisan agreement on, as both democrats and republicans agree Americans should receive another round of stimulus checks and potentially a third closer to the end of the year if needed. Steve Mnuchin said that if you are set up for electronic delivery that includes those on SSI, SSDI, you should receive your stimulus check funds within 7 days after the bill becomes a law. The is much faster than many were anticipating, expecting it to take several weeks if not months.

Now if this is true please be sure to get your direct deposit information current on the website. Chances are if your information was not current before and your first check was delayed it will be the same with your second check so please get it updated right away.

However due to other items disagreed upon such as FPUC unemployment benefit amounts, liability protection, tax cuts and others the next stimulus package has been delayed. Republicans did suggest breaking up the provisions into multiple stimulus bills in an attempt to push through more urgent items such as expiring FPUC unemployment benefits however democrats denied this attempt and said they wanted one comprehensive relief bill so nothing would be excluded.

This comes as the HEALS Act was rejected last week after being unveiled Monday by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Democrats denied it, fellow members of the Republican party didn’t back it and it has also been dismissed by President Trump as it was said to not adequately meet the needs of our current economic situation. It is now currently off the negotiating table and is being used along with the HEROES Act to help construct an entirely new relief bill.
Nancy Pelosi mentioned yesterday that we could be on the verge of having a deal in the next couple of days. Chuck Shumer said we are making progress and the good news is republican colleges are agreeing with some of them. President Trump said he will start issuing executive orders if provisions aren’t provided soon.

It appears those who have been waiting will soon be hearing good news.
As updates come out, I will be sure to share.
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