10 Modern Flying Boats and Passenger Planes with Floats You Must See

10 Modern Flying Boats and Passenger Planes with Floats You Must See

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We have already covered modern era amphibious planes that serve within the personal aviation segment, but now the time has come to review larger flying boats and passenger planes with floats. Unlike their smaller siblings, these aircraft not only entertain the rich but also provide invaluable transportation and rescue services within the most inaccessible regions of our planet.

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Dornier Seastar СD2: dornierseawings.com/products/seastar/

This history of this amphibious turboprop goes back to 1984, when it was developed by the German engineer Claudius Dornier Jr. In early,90s the company ran into financial troubles, so its productions efforts were rather scattered from then on. Today, Dornier is a joint venture with two Chinese companies, that invested over 150million euros into the development of the new generation, improved Seastar.

Viking DHC-2T Turbo Beaver: vikingair.com/viking-aircraft/dhc-2t-turbo-beaver

Currently manufactured under the Viking Air, the Turbo Beavers has served as a reliable peoples hauler for more than 60 years. Today its ability to land on and take off from water comes from the Wipline 6100 amphib floats.

Airfish 8: wigetworks.com/airfish-8

The Singapore based Wigetworks however, are attempting to resurrect the concept and hopefully commercialize it as a high-speed ferry with 6 to 8 passengers and 2 crew. The Airfish 8 is a continuation of the reverse delta wing design by the German aviation pioneer Dr. Alexander Martin Lippisch.

Ellison-Mahon Gweduck: gweduck.com/specifications.html

Developed as a successor to the iconic Grumman G-44 Widgeon model, the Gweduck by Ben Ellison and Bryan Mahon originated in Seattle, Washington in 1990. It takes the successful concept of 1940, recreates it in modern composite materials.

Viking Twin Otter: vikingair.com/viking-aircraft/dhc-6-twin-otter

The first generation of this plane first flew the skies back in 1960s under the De Havilland Canada manufacturer and was later produced in several modifications throughout 1980s. The modern era of the Twin Otter began in 2008, when it was brought back to life by Viking Air.

Singular Aircraft SA03: singularaircraft.com

It turns out that drone planes are being rapidly embraced not only by the military or aviation enthusiasts. As demonstrated by Barcelona-based Flyox I, their unique capabilities are paving the way for the future use in agricultural, firefighting, transportation and lifesaving missions.

Kodiak 100: kodiak.aero/kodiak

The French Daher ranks as the number 7 largest manufacturer of aircraft in the world. Their recent acquisition has also put them on the map of amphibious planes producers. Namely, it is the Kodiak 100, formerly delivered under the Quest brand.

Cessna Caravan & Grand Caravan EX: : txtav.com/en/newsroom/media-gallery/aircraft/turboprops/cessna-caravan

The Cessna Caravan range has been in production for almost 40 years now, since 1982, earning a reputation of reliable and adaptable work-horses with low operating costs.

Privateer: privateerindustries.com

Designed by the Boeing engineer Bill Husa and marine engineer Robert Gornstein, the Privateer amphibian will once be sold both as amateur construction kit and a type certified, ready-to-fly aircraft. As of 2020, the model has already completed a couple of flights, and it is being tested and perfected by the Florida-based Pivateer Industries.

Viking Canadair CL-215-515: aerialfirefighter.vikingair.com/aircraft/cl-215t-cl-415eaf-aircraft

The story of the world-renowned water bomber began in 1966. Through the years, the CL 215 went through multiple improvement plans and its latest generations are called CL-415, CL-415EAF and CL-415MP. Moreover, Viking is developing the all-new CL-515 First Responder.