Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Byleth Solo Part 2 (Maddening / New Game)

Published by : omegaevolution
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Man these chapters are getting rough lol...

Chapter 6: 49:39
Death Knight Ch6 Cheese: 1:19:00
Chapter 7: 2:49:48
(AKA battle of the Byleth and Bush)

Shout outs to RR for the thumbnail too xD

Disclaimer: "This is by no means an optimal run, as its my first time going through Maddening, so its semi-blind. I know most of the maps, but not the general stat/skills of enemies or any position changes, so a lot of the "planning" was more or so in theory. As the run gets further I start improvising in order to improve as it goes (like making the decision to aim for Healing Focus after CH5's massacre of my healing items to save on money). At the end of the day, its a run for fun, so don't take it too seriously :p"


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