The Antifada : Coronavirus and the Future of Work

Published by : Red May TV

Time for Ultra-Left-Post-Posadist-Nihilist-Anarcho-Communist-comedy and politics. Hosts Jamie Peck and AP Andy look at the future of work at a rare moment when almost nobody is working. Magally Miranda surveys domestic work in the gig economy. Annie McClanahan reflects on how the Covid-19 pandemic has made us all more aware of supply-chains and provision networks, not of their largeness but rather their intimacy, the human labor whereby goods move hand to hand to hand. (“Now,” says a friend, “I can’t stop thinking about all the hands that touched everything I buy.”) Aaron Benanav looks at the effects of automation. Will the rise of the robots free us? Will a guaranteed income allow us to work less and enjoy the fruits of leisure? Or will we be under-employed—pushed into doing tasks like dog-walking or assembling IKEA shelves—tasks that the rich used to do for themselves but can now hire others to do for a pittance?  The Antifada team, whose motto is ‘Unrest is Best,’ will pursue the truth wherever it leads.

Aaron Benanav, Annie McClanahan, and Magally Miranda with A.M. Gittlitz and Jamie Peck
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