TURNING My HOUSE into a FAST FOOD Restaurant - McDonald's vs Taco Bell at Home DIY

TURNING My HOUSE into a FAST FOOD Restaurant - McDonald's vs Taco Bell at Home DIY

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After Chad Wild Clay made "LAST TO LEAVE TESLA WINS $10,000 - 24 HOUR OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE AT 3AM", Vy Qwaint created "Try NOT to LAUGH at Funny TikToks - You Laugh You Lose Challenge", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "DONT Rope Swing into the Wrong Mystery Box Challenge", Chad decides to pursue one of his ultimate dreams; Having his own Taco Bell restaurant in the Spy Ninja safe house! With the bell being his favorite place to eat, Chad sets up shop, right in the kitchen, when unfortunately, a neighboring fast food joint has decided to open up its doors as well. It's Daniel opening up his own McDonalds! With the two popular fast food franchises side by side, right in the kitchen of the infamous Spy Ninja Kitchen, the two must duke it out to determine whose DIY, at home fast food restaurant reigns supreme. As their business opens for the day, the hungriest, most difficult, and complex customers line up, salivating at the chance to enjoy recreations of the famous food items right at home. But with their hunger, they bring their judgement. It's no other than Vy, Regina, and Alie, ready to determine whose business deserves the crown! What will they order? Is McDaniels stronger than Taco Chad? Can the boys even cook?! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2022!

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