Bad Boys 4 Update: Jerry Bruckheimer Shares New Details

Bad Boys 4 Update: Jerry Bruckheimer Shares New Details

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence ain't going nowhere. When they reprised their Bad Boys roles in 2020's Bad Boys for Life, the world said, "Hell yeah!" It was a huge financial and critical hit (our review here), proving there's still an appetite for non-comic book action properties focused on good old-fashioned movie star charm. So... are we getting a fourth one?

Luckily for us, our very own Steve Weintraub sat down with mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the man responsible for Hollywood's golden age of macho action blockbusters, to see if the studios and creative team were itching to make a fourth film. Here's what the man had to say:

"We had a great experience on the first one, both through the development process with Tom Rothman [chair of Sony] and his team, and then through the editing process and filming process... We put together, along with their help, a movie that's very satisfying for the audience, and we'd like to do it again, and I think they'd like us to do it again. We're currently working on a draft for the fourth one."

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