Our orangutans return to Auckland!

Our orangutans return to Auckland!

It’s the AMAZING NEWS you’ve all been waiting for! Our orangutan trio have returned to an incredible brand-spanking new home at Auckland Zoo!

As many of you know, for the last two years we’ve been undergoing the biggest and most complex redevelopment in our near 100-year history to create our new South East Asia Jungle Track. The first stage of our #FutureZoo is the creation of a world-leading facility for our orangutans and siamang to enjoy – and when we say world class, we mean it!

In order to build our primates’ expansive High Canopy habitat our friends at Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch stepped in to help, housing our orangutans Charlie, Melur, and Wanita in their Great Ape Centre for the duration of the build.

This has included a huge effort from our primate team in Auckland who, in order to ensure a continuity of care with keepers that our orangutans know, have uprooted their lives and spent months at a time in Christchurch to make sure every day of the last two years there has always been a keeper from Auckland Zoo there with them.

As our primate team leader Amy says “it’s really hard to put into words how monumental this is!”

Though we’re currently closed and aren’t able to welcome you to see this incredible High Canopy habitat now, we will keep you updated on developments via social media over the next few weeks – so please stay tuned.
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