PAOK has one of the largest fan base across Greece and majority of them are emigrants and refuges from Minor Asia from the Greco–Turkish war (1919–1922). PAOK has the largest support then any other Greek club[citation needed] from Greek refugees in countries around the world to such an extent that they have created and maintained firms in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Cyprus, Australia and the United States.and Canada And all over the World and where there are Greeks of Outdoor and especially from the areas ?acedonian living Outside

Gate 4 is where the largest PAOK supporters clubs assemble. They support all clubs within the PAOK Sports Society, wearing the club's colors and symbols and maintaining firms in every corner of Greece, first one officially created in 1963 at Neapoli Thessaloniki. Their members are known to be fanatic supporters of their team famous around the world for their great pyroshows and vocal support for their team. After a match against PAOK, Diego Maradona commented that would play for the club even for free because of its fans' mentality and passion, with Toumpa Stadium earning its moniker as "black hell" for the hostility to opposing teams.

The group as a whole maintains a strong friendship with the supporters of Serbian club Partizan, the Grobari. There have been many occasions where fans from both clubs travel to watch each other's games. Their friendship is so strong that Serbian fans chanted in the Greek language in a basketball match against Olympiacos, PAOK's greatest rival. PAOK fans also have good relations with the fans of OFI Crete, a friendship that has been build mainly around their sharing of the same club colours and as well as their mutual hatred of Panathinaikos and Olympiacos. The friendship is supported by an annual exchange of tickets and a typically strong atmosphere in their matches.

The rivalry between Olympiacos and PAOK, is long-standing, emerging in the 1960s, when the infamous case of Giorgos Koudas' transfer from PAOK to Olympiacos occurred. The rivalry is also fueled by the rivalry that exists between Athens and Thessaloniki.

A long-time rivalry also exists between PAOK and local rivals Aris, which has culminated in two memorable Greek Cup finals between them, each club winning one. On an annual basis, fierce derbies are contested for the Greek league, sometimes accompanied by violent outbreaks on and off the pitch.

Panathinaikos and AEK Athens are also considered major rivals due to the bitter rivalry of citizens between Thessaloniki of Macedonia and Athens.

Tell us about the history of your group. How did Gate 4?
- Gate 4 is the basic club of paok fans. Gate 4 is the first fan club of PAOK as we know fan clubs, today. Is founded in April of 1976 and the purpose was to support PAOK team, everywhere. That’ s the purpose of existence of gate 4, to be always on tour! Everywhere. Gate 4 didn’t afraid to go against presidents of fc PAOK in the past, lots of times. Under the principles of self-organization and solidarity among our members are non- negotiated. In the past we had newspaper, radio show etc but consciously we stopped those attempts to inform people. PAOK is not only a football club, PAOK is a social movement. PAOK is an idea!

- What is Gate 4A?
- Gate 4 is named all the curve. Gate 4a is part of gate 4, in the right (as you see the stand). Is smaller but historically, is the most “wild” part of our stadium. To go there you must be naked and singing loud all the time.

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