How Do Iraqi's View Their Government After Saddam? (2011)

Published by : Journeyman Pictures
Nation of Tears: Iraq continues to be dogged by violence. In the face of an ever worsening situation the people are losing patience with the incumbent government. Will Iraq be the next country to rise up?

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"Look at the child. Film it! Show the world!" A man screams at the camera, his face red with emotion, as he stands beside the mutilated body of a young boy. Yet the boy's mother and father have no energy for anger, they can only weep. This is daily life for the people of Baghdad. Everyday there are more explosions and more deaths. "This is our life - we bury the dead then come to play", says Bilal in a Baghdad pool room. He has watched his friends and family die, he is out of work and lives in a tiny space with his mother and two brothers. He is just one of the many who see no hope for the future of Iraq. "They came with sweet-talk; where are they now?",one man says of the government as he sits on a pile of rubble. The people here are trying to reclaim the few possessions they have from the site of a bombing. They are all full of anger at Iraq's politicians, because the situation has not changed. The bombings, killings and burials continue and it is taking a terrible toll on Iraq. As the anger and resentment builds no one can tell what will happen next.

SBS Australia – Ref. 5079

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