5 Most Mysterious Islands in The World | 5 सबसे खतरनाक और रहस्यमय आइलैंड

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5 Most Mysterious Islands in The World | 5 सबसे खतरनाक और रहस्यमय आइलैंड

Most Mysterious and dengerous Islands in The World
We consider all the islands as a corner of a beautiful land, which keeps the beauty of nature in its own right. When the mention of the island is mentioned in front of us, the imagination of any green landscape surrounded by four water and water in front of the eyes emerges. But every island is beautiful, it is not necessary. There are many such islands in the world where to go, that is to call death. Many of these are also the islands, on which the rule of the poisonous snakes on any of them is the rule of giant crocodiles on somebody. They are considered the world's most dangerous and strange creatures. So, let's know about the world's five such strange creatures....
Most Mysterious and dengerous island on earth
1. Crab island - Australia
2. Dolls island - mecsico
3. Ramree island - Burma
4. Sanke island - Brazil
5. Rebbit island - Japan
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