Sneaky Ways Fast Food Restaurants Scam Us

Published by : Mashed
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It can feel like everywhere you turn, someone is trying to swindle you. Turns out, you're not even safe in the warm, welcoming arms of your favorite burger joint. Unfortunately, fast food restaurants are not the safe haven you might be hoping for - they've been known to take advantage of their customers, too. Whether it's shady business practices or misleading advertising, here are all the ways your favorite eateries might be scamming you...

The fry trick | 0:25
Same size, different price | 1:15
Track your order? | 2:03
Not what you asked for | 2:42
Grill marks mean nothing | 3:20
Receipts don't add up | 3:56
What you see, and what you get | 4:34

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