19 Colorful Crayon Crafts

19 Colorful Crayon Crafts

Think outside the crayon box! Take all those old broken crayons laying around and turn them into colorful masterpieces with our 19 Fun Crayon Crafts & Art Projects. Boost your creativity and imagination with these colorful projects that are great for both children and adults alike. Whether you melt them or turn them into t-shirt decals and paintings, crayon crafts are timeless and make great summer crafts!

When it comes to crayons, the possibilities are endless! First up, we have a variety of different awesome art projects that can all be made out of crayons. From our Crayon Pendant to our Wind Chime Decoration and T-Shirt Decals, unleash your creativity and add some color to your life.

Supersize your crayons! For our next craft, we will show you how to upcycle old crayons into fun shapes. Turn broken crayons into the Alphabet or mold them into donut holes or hearts. Melt different colors together to create fun rainbow crayons that create colorful lines and an ombré look.

We love to keep the crafts comin’! Aside from coloring, crayons can be used to make envelope seals and can also be turned into cool candles.

To wrap up the video, we will show a variety of different ways to make melted crayon art. A simple and easy summertime craft, people of all ages can make different creations using various methods! The finished products make great gifts or party favors and look stunning displayed around the house.

See the below timestamps to jump to a specific craft!

0:07 - Crayon Pendant/Keychain
0:55 - Wind Chime Decoration
2:19 - Rainbow Crayons
3:12 - Alphabet Crayons
3:57 - Donut Crayons
5:47 - Unicorn Shirt Decal
6:22 - Melted Crayon Painting
7:12 - 3D Melted Crayon Painting
7:48 - Colored Pencil Initial Picture
8:49 - Heart T-Shirt Decal
9:40 - Crayon Candle
10:40 - Crayon Envelope Seal
11:26 - Initial Melted Crayon Painting

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