Malaysia Street Foods in Penang Island

Published by : DancingBacons
Penang is one of the best state in Malaysia to eat a huge variety of street food

Food in this video

1. Toh Soon Cafe - Traditional Malaysian Breakfast
2. Ais TingKap - Window Sherbet
3. Rahim Burger - Super Burger Special
4. Penang Famous Green House - Prawn Noodle
5. Restoran Deen - Nasi Kandar
6. Squatting Teochew Porridge - Porridge w Side Dishes
7. Penang Road famous Teochew Chendul - Chendol
8. Little Vadai stall - Savoury Fried Snack
9. Penang Special Samosa - Fried Pastry w Chicken Filling
10. Seeni Mee Sotong -Fried Squid Noodle
11. Restoran Duan Pisang - Giant Paper Dosa
12. Pasar Air Itam - Assam Laksa
13. Jipangi ice cream - Korean Corn Puff Ice Cream

None of the food in this video cost more than $5usd
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