Dream SMP: Technoblade's Plan to ESCAPE Prison

Dream SMP: Technoblade's Plan to ESCAPE Prison

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On Technoblade’s most recent stream, Technoblade visited Dream, after being told by Quackity that Dream wanted to use the favor. Just as Techno entered the main cell, awesamdude betrayed Techno, and he’s now stuck inside Pandora’s Vault with Dream. This raised many questions. How is Techno going to escape the prison? Is Quackity behind all of this? Well, after analyzing this entire stream, I’m here to answer all of them. Stay safe.

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00:00 - Intro
00:54 - Instructions
02:29 - The Visit
04:40 - Techno's Escape
07:12 - Dream's Escape
10:00 - Outro

Credit: @Technoblade @TommyInnit @Quackity

Soundtracks used in the video:
The Void is Calling - Karl Casey @White Bat Audio
All other soundtracks provided by Storyblocks.

I analyzed EVERYTHING on Technoblade’s, WilburSoot’s, and Quackity’s most recent streams. This Dream SMP theory was super fun and challenging to come up with, and it surprisingly explains some of the current Dream SMP events very well. I hope this Dream SMP theory/ Dream SMP documentary turns out to be true, and Technoblade escapes prison with Dream!

This video kinda reminds me of Dream SMP – Oversimplified, or Dream SMP – The Complete story, or Dream SMP Explained, or The Prison Podcast ft. Dream [Dream SMP] but instead, this is Dream SMP: Technoblade’s Escape

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