Circuit boards with lights in epoxy in a table

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I put circuit boards in epoxy in a table, and that's what is in this video. It has 15 LED lights, that go without electricity (yes, magic.. ;-). Learn at the end if the table was a success or a fail.
A thanks goes to all the friends who donated their electronic equipment for this video. There is about 10 liters of epoxy resin in the table, which set me back around 300 euros. I bought the table second hand for 100 euros. The used LEDs and fiber optic cable were together about 20 euros.

Fiber optic cable:

Epoxy resin:

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0:10 - 4:23 Morning Mood - Grieg
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5:31 - 7:39 Morning Mood - Grieg
7:55 - 10:58 Desert Catharsis - Asher Fulero
11:01 - 12:28 Morning Mood - Grieg
12:30 - 13:06 London Fog - Quincas Moreira
14:45 - 15:13 Swing Theory - Freedom Trail Studio
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