How to make your Internet speed faster with 1 simple setting! New Method 2020

How to make your Internet speed faster with 1 simple setting! New Method 2020

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We all want faster WiFi and faster Internet speed. We want those websites to pop up instantly AND we want to be protected from malware and keep our kids safe from content they shouldn't be exposed to.
I am going to show you how you can set up CloudFlare new For Family on your router and what it can do.
I will also run speed tests to show you my results. The AIM is to see if content filtering has an impact on speed and does it indeed work.

A couple of notes that are important:
Note 1: you can't get more internet than your provider gives you!
Note 2: If you live in a first-world country where your ISP is amazing and gives you uncapped, unlimited data at 1000mbps, congrats. Be aware that not everyone does. So before you say DNS doesn't change your internet speed, maybe not for you. But for some people a change in DNS means websites load faster. So check your privilege before you moan in the comments.
Note 3: If you are a tech geek who can install Rasberry Pi and knows Linux, Squid and IPTables; this isn't for you either. This is for non-tech people who just need help. Move on.

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